18 March
Navruz park doors are open for all gastro guides
Guli xanim

On December 5th, the Gastronomic Tourism Association of Uzbekistan, the administration of Navruz Park and the Association of Guides of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a training on gastronomic tourism sphere for guides of the Republic.



  More than 30 professionals from various regions of the country who have been certified as guides were attended in the training. The gastronomic charm of Uzbekistan, the high level of hospitality of tourists and guests who come to our country, the role of gastro-guides in bringing our national breakfast into the world breakfast, and the ability to use linguistic and cultural information in master classes were illustrated to them through the presentation.  



During the event, an info tour was held across the park. Our guides have noted that the interior of the park and the gastro-tour will be very unusual and memorable for tourists.



  The guide-translators who participated in this training organized in the Navruz Park were given valuable informations. They also learned about the secrets of organizing a gastro-tour for tourists. Workshop by Gulnoza Odilova, President of the Gastronomic Tourism Association, had a great impact on the participants.

This project will contribute to the further development of Gastronomic Tourism in Uzbekistan, to the professional promotion of our national cuisine. At the end of the training the guides were given special certificates and badges.


From now on, the Gastronomic Tourism Association of Uzbekistan offers gastronomic tourist services to tourists visiting Uzbekistan.



 At the end of the event, the Gastronomic Tourism Association of Uzbekistan and the Guides Association of Uzbekistan signed a memorandum of cooperation and discussed future projects. This training is organized once a year by the Gastronomic Tourism Association of Uzbekistan.

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